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The Answer to this question you will get from the Know us page. It will provide you with a brief description revealing how every piece of furniture here at Dbarn is handcrafted by skillful artisans and carefully sourced with the finest of materials.
We mainly use acacia, mango, and Shesham which are kiln-dried and temperature treated to reduce moisture content. The wood is conditioned between 33 degrees to 8 degrees for reducing its content of water, Suitable for tropical climate conditions.
From designing to finishing every piece of furniture is completely manufactured in our studios. Additionally, we have been selling our premium pieces of furniture solely to our direct clients from our store since 1993, which is almost Three Decades and Now we are Online.
We firmly believe that we are not manufacturers. Here at Dbarn our premium collection of furniture is hallmarked as a brand. At Dbarn we design every piece of furniture with our versatile designers and handcraft every piece with our excellence. We do not sell our furniture through third parties, we only provide direct selling to our end customers and we can also customize it as per our customer’s custom requests.
We believe that every home is unique in its way and so should be their furniture. Serving from the last 3 decades right to our end customers and by understanding their mindset and requirements. We are providing freedom to our customers, by handpicking the fabric, size, and fit of the furniture as per their choice and instinct.
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